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tv   [untitled]    July 12, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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that use. so, i don't know if that's what you meant by kind of the waterfront land use plan backdrop, but that's sort of my take on how we -- where we've been and how we can move forward. >> thank you. mark, thank you for your presentation and what's gone into this. i'm going to start on the left. commissioner woo ho, any comments? >> this is an informational presentation. i think we're kind of interested in hearing going forward how thought process, and i think that [speaker not understood] maybe we'll get some interesting ideas from the rfp on the bulkhead, help define what the rest of the pier is going to be is the process we want to proceed with. and i think that's -- i think at this point, i think this is just the beginning of the journey. >> commissioner murphy? >> i feel the same way. i believe it's a great project
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and, you know, i'd love to see it move forward asap. >> thank you, mark, for a wonderful presentation. i think this is a great opportunity for the port and to help us with some of our capital needs, increasing our revenue stream. but i do want to make sure that when we're going through this process that we keep in mind whatever we put there we really don't want to compete with our existing tenants and may have to keep that in mind going forward. thank you. >> commissioners? >> first of all, i appreciate you coming up and hitting the mic. and really we need to hear from the community and other staff and the commissioners, we need to listen to what the community says, but also we're engaged and we really need to have this dialogue. but i'll just give you a good example. sometimes people can be misinformed about [speaker not understood] myself and director moyer.
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we got a report from board president david chiu. and if people want to hear, they're worried about with the new cruise terminal coming there is going to be a night club, like a nation live down there. and he said, no. director moyer talked to president chiu and i told him the same thing. we have no clubs on the waterfront. we don't. and the cruise terminal is not going to be like the america's cup with live nation and all that. it's going to be a family place for cruises and stuff like that. and in talking about this project, mark, what you and john have been doing, i think that it's very thoughtful. i have an open mind. i haven't really reached a conclusion, but i think we're going in the right direction because it's local businesses, it's a good fit. and this is a city, we say what we really do, we can pay no tourism. we're trying to get to a goal of a million passengers a year with the new cruise terminal. we have to have something to entice people to come to the waterfront. this is going to be part of a
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community, lockal businesses. it's a place for the small person. i think people will be screened and we look at and we have some opportunities ~ and the people from telegraph hill, all the community should be able to come over to this facility and feel like this is a part of the community, different things and stuff like that. i think this will enhance our waterfront. i mean, we're [speaker not understood] about progress. we're talking about having the olympics in this city one day. never do you look back into the present, you look into the future. and this is something that will fit this community and our waterfront. it's only going to provide more jobs, we're always talking about jobs. we're talking about a place where people can come down into our community and also there is a park that will be right by the james r. herman terminal. so, i think all these things will be interwove enin together, and i think we need to look at, and take it step-by-step ~ but i agree with the rest of my commissioners this can enhance our water froth and it build our community because that's what we're about. and i think that we need to
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take it one step at a time. we think about it, but clearly the community, they need to put their -- have their dialogue with the port. you need to tell us what you feel, and you got better ideas let us know. but we just can't stand around and not do anything. we need to put this place that we have to work to make -- because it's part of the economic industry in the city of san francisco. thank you. >> i'll echo the comments of my colleagues. also excited about bringing something there that will be uniquely san francisco, bay area regional focused. and i think, again, i appreciate the effort that's going into bringing in the community and there will be the advisory group as you've outlined here in the waterfront implementation process. i think that's an opportunity to figure out where we may have some holes and needs along the waterfront and ways to enliven it and sort of seamlessly
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connect all along there so we will, as we get new people coming into our cruise terminal, we'll also have thing that will attract locals and be fun, dynamic and exciting. and i think keep that space lively throughout the day and attract people there. having had an occasional meal and/or drink -- pronounce it, the waihiki club. it really was an exciting place to be and i think it will be a shame to not take advantage of that site to bring more locals to that portion of the waterfront. so, i'm excited to see what comes forward and also to, as commissioner adams stated, it is a good opportunity for the port as well to take advantage of where we put so much investment into a facility to really make sure that that comes back to the port. and we get to move forward on that. so, thank you for your work on that and look forward to hearing further updates.
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>> item 14, new business. >> thank you, commissioners. with respect to new business, i want to again come back to the forward calendar. we talked about it today, but wanted to mention that the august 12th meeting we will be providing a look at the waterfront land use plan and believe that we will be joined by larry gold span, the head of bcdc at our september th meeting. i already discussed the time certain item on sea level rise by john englander and travis. we also will be joined by john ram for his annual appearance before the port commission which was a new business item that the commissioners gave us the last time mr. ram was here. i do want to make a change to the forward calendar in that we are going to have our off-site meeting at the southeast community center on oakdale and we think that's a better meeting to do our blue greenway item because that will really
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speak to the community. we propose to move the blue greenway item to september 9 to september 23rd and move the kerress item forward so just a flip-flop there. in terms of new business today, the only thing, the instruction we talked about already was to take some feedback back to the sf adopt committee to add the periodic reporting to the mayor and the board of supervisors. so, if i missed something, please correct me, but that's -- >> [speaker not understood]. >> on the sea level rise, yeah. >> and then -- thank you. i briefly touched on this with executive director [speaker not understood], but again it was what i did with my summer vacation. that let me get out of the country again. but in france they have something that they call [speaker not understood] that they started about 30 years ago and it's now been picked up in
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a number of other countries around the world where, sort of an organic street party may not be quite the right word for it, but musicians come out and sort of align themselves with different restaurants and other establish manies partly because they need access to a little bit of power supplies for their instruments and amplifiers and whatever. and businesses are opened and people stroll along the street. it's the longest night of the year, a late as possible. it what just a wonderful opportunity for people to stroll along and gather and listen to local musicians, be it just one person singing english song rather badly, or groups, but it was just a dynamic, exciting evening and it brought so many people out. museumses opened up their doors and other public institutions
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were opened up for the evening. and i would love to see if we could explore whether something similar might work at least along portions of the waterfront to make -- to be the first site in the united states, it would be part of sort of the international music efforts. so, if we could see if that would be feasible. >> sure, will do. >> and then for the staff, i do have some interesting photos of both bike paths and access to waterfront -- enlivening the waterfront and using it during warmer weather months and we could do that year round, but a lot of interesting things that were presented along the [speaker not understood] waterfront there. so, i'm happy to share that with any staff that may be interested. thank you. >> and you've given [speaker not understood] already, correct, for the port staff. [speaker not understood]. >> thank you for that. >> thank you.
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>> i move to adjourn the meeting. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> meeting is adjourned. thank you. >> thank you.
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